Corn field and sunset from August.

Stormy skies today. Cooler. Nice.

I have gourds growing. Gourds. They’re adorable. Soft and fuzzy.

Had a story accepted. Had that same story rejected as having too much necrophilia. And then, this morn, found that same story had been re-accepted. What??!! Okay. Prince Charming Finds His Sleeping Beauty.

Work is…um, work. Toxic and frenetic.

Might just nap today. I did rewrite a short story this week, need to go over it and get it ready to send out. Sigh. It’s been rejected in every version so maybe I should just chuck it.

Started the new Lord of the Rings series. Beautiful. Yet, why did they turn Galadriel into the same grim warrior-woman stereotype that seems every female who’s a leader/fighter in television and movies? Why? She’s unlikable, harsh, charmless and a zealot. Um…? Perhaps she gets a great journey and some character other than grim fighter for Middle Earth.

She reminds me of Rey from the ending trilogy of Star Wars. That same single-note, not very interesting female that gets overshadowed by far better written male and even other female characters who have, um, depth, personality, etc. I grew to like Rey a lot but…just wish she had been allowed to be goofy, human, fallible, contradictory, fun, moody, something other than ‘burning to save the world’. It just wears so thin if the character behind it is nothing but a talking head spouting lines.

I could not understand why Elrond was so excited to have Galadriel visiting. Back to LOTR Power of the Rings. How are they friends in any way? I didn’t see any real relationship between them. Might be the series needs to settle in and get comfortable with these fantasy characters.

I saw actual conflict and love between Durian [third or fourth one?] and Elrond. That worked so well. Elrond allowed himself to be humbled before all the dwarves and seemed to feel real shame he had missed his friend’s big life moments. I loved Durian’s wife [can’t remember her name]. She was fantastic. So personable and fun. She brought a much needed note of humor and warmth.

Bronwen and her elf crush. Arondir. Had to look that up. I liked this pair. There’s a lot of territory to explore here and Bronwen has a real reason to be a fighter– to protect her son and her fellow villagers. Her slamming that orc head down was so satisfying. No one believes women when they warn of danger and hey, orc head, motherfuckers. We leave at first light! Gotta cheer a bit at that.

She didn’t cuss, of course. I do. But she didn’t.

I also looked at House of the Dragon. Oh my. Drawn in at once. And the female characters are interesting, contradictory, fun, political, etc.

Anyway, just a hodgepodge. Have a lovely weekend.

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