September Vistas

It’s the month before Halloween. My pumpkin patch is producing mini pumpkins. I have short stories being accepted. I even applied for a job.

I know the news has been a ghastly rollback of women’s rights, war, setbacks, WTF moments, etc…etc…etc. So here’ some pics of my dogs and the hills just up the road from me. The two Labs are Jake and Molly, with Jake being the black one and Molly chocolate. The other dog is the Cowgirl or Brigit, and we’re not sure what she is. But she might be a Kelpie or something like that. A stray dog I found by the bridge.

Old junked car and very dry hills.
Molly in the Owyhee irrigation ditch.
I took this in August, but isn’t this a beautiful bug?
Three dogs enjoying the day. That pump is for irrigation purposes, of course.
A row of cheerful sunflower-like wildflowers and two Labs.
Wildflowers and dog and water.
Brigit and the scenic vista.

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