Heart Month


It’s the month of hearts, flowers and candy. And groundhogs. Hurrah! Huzzah! Yippee kay ay, mofos!

I am sick and should probably wait until unsick to write anything here.

Got a new job. I think. They need to send me an email. Ugh!

My dad goes in for surgery today. His hip. The bones are rubbing together. Painful, true. He can barely walk and has been suffering for over a year with this. He had to get his teeth fixed first before they’d cut him open. He’s going to go through some things, is my take.

You can find hot/cold compresses in with the first aid stuff, btw.

Got some new live mousetraps. They are baller! I’m either catching the same mice over and over or they’re really working. Just a tube, with a very simple trapdoor and the bait is behind a wall with tiny holes so they can’t eat the bait and not get caught, like the other live trap I have. I do hate killing mice in my rapidly declining latter years.

Not much to report writer-wise. Lots of rejections. Either need to toss some stories or utterly gut them, redo them, rename them, erase former versions entirely.

That’s about it for now. Sick, new job, writing a tiny bit in these WTF times.