66 Sunflower Street

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Hello from stormy Eastern Oregon. It’s cold. I have socks on.

66 Sunflower Street is a sort of ghost story. A mother and daughter house cleaning team return to the decrepit family house to ready it for buyers. However, the spirit of Grandmother Tru might be lurking yet in the basement.

My short story, 66 Sunflower Street, can be read here: https://brokenpencil.com/fiction/online-exclusive-fiction-66-sunflower-street/

Remarkable Women

Good mornin’! It’s chilly here in East Oregon. Wind’s blowin’. I am considering a run to town but I’d have to take a shower, find my town clothes, put on real shoes. Ugh! But we are out of lettuce.


Hey, Remarkable Women of Brokenheart Lane, my dystopian cannibal biker versus elderly sisters in what’s left of Fallon, Nevada novel, can be read for FREE ON KINDLE at the moment.

Basically– three elderly sisters, Lily, Violet and Laura, are squatting in Lily’s house in Fallon, Nevada. They’ve made the house look abandoned as there are human monsters roaming about in what’s left of the world and they’re just trying to survive another day, another day after that. The Werewolves, a cannibal biker gang that’s tangled with the Glitterbugs, yet another cannibal biker gang, limp into Fallon and possibly their Waterloo. It’s Laura, the silent sister who discovers her voice and then some, who pushes the other two into a possible showdown with the actual forces of the universe itself or maybe she’s gone completely crazy, cooped up in a moldering house living on boiled pee and deformed mice or whatever Violet can scrounge from the surrounding area. But the actual threat might very well arrive in the form of church ladies on bicycles– the legendary Snitty Ratballs. This apocalyptic threat has managed to make it over the booby-trapped Rockies, intent on law and ordering the remnants of the Old West. Who will survive??! Why is there a lion? Will the sisters join the Werewolves? Will Gut Bucket ever make it to Utah? Can Amy Octopus ever be believed?


If you do read it, hey, leave a review.

Ain’t too proud to beg for reviews at this stage of my utterly barffling life. I added an ‘r’ to ‘baffling’. I think I’ll let it stand.

Fastwell Blend

A short story of mine called Fastwell Blend, can now be read by anyone who wishes to read it.

State Of Matter

It deals with Valerie, who’s on the verge of absolute ruin financially and otherwise, deciding to help a small band of interlopers that live in her walls. Fantasy, no violence, very little cussing, set in Ontario, Oregon and the Farewell Bend area.


There’s frost this morning. It’s May 10? Not March or February? It seems fitting, however. If you live in ‘murica, it seems fitting that there’s actual frost this close to June.

If you’ve been asleep for a couple weeks, Roe V. Wade is about to go bye-bye. A woman’s right to an abortion thrown back to whatever state she might reside in if and when this one, and the Casey one, goes away. We need to do something about this! has been the feeble cry ever since the GOP decided abortion was their issue. And worked like actual fiends to return women to the age of coat hangers, bleach douching and throwing yourself down stairs. Not to mention visiting iffy back alley practioners hoping they don’t kill you. Because babies. I. Okay.

The argument Justice Alito, and others, use is that women do not have a right to privacy. It’s not in the Constitution that you can have an abortion. This bad take also covers all other privacies Americans might enjoy, like same-sex marriage, interracial marriage, blow jobs, voting rights, civil rights, all the rights that do not cover straight white Christian MEN. Ahem!

Did I mention Alito also went way way back to an actual witch-believing shitbag named Matthew Hale? Here’s a dive into that if you wish a go: https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/matthew-hale-and-witch-hunts/?msclkid=140611fcd07a11ec8bd7541b234297f8

There’s also the notion that adoption can now be a thing with these bad ladies wanting to kills all their blessed womb fruit. And people speaking of ‘investing’ in adoption agencies like one would invest in pork belly futures. Mm?

So, women really are livestock to some folks, just here to produce a commodity [white healthy babies] for rich people who can afford to pay those investors in adoption enough bucks to buy a baby to raise in a good Christian home. Cause, yeah, Christian adoption places are the key investment opportunity here. See Betsey Devos and her family who kidnapped immigrant children and sold them. That actually happened. I did not make that up. There are still quite a few kids missing.

Christian Non-Profit Faces Scrutiny Over Government Foster Care Contract for Separated Children

No doubt sold to couples like people used to buy Native American kids not that long ago.

Both of these actual images are courtesy of Lakota Man over on Twitter

It’s bad. It’s ugly here in the land of the extremists and batshit insane loonballs.

And now the protests and those speaking out against all this are the bad, evil ones. Which was also done to anyone speaking out or protesting against the militia types. The boogie people called Antifa. Ring any bells? Yeah. That’s what is being done to those protesting this anti-woman shit. The actual protestors are being labeled the real problem here, not the potential tragic loss of rights and the death toll about to skyrocket. The misery and yes, cost to the taxpayers when all this mess gets dumped in their laps to pay for. As there are virtually no safety nets in the Blood States to deal with hordes of unwanted kids and all that goes along with that.

History upsets the white people in America, so we don’t get a gander back at what life was like when abortion was illegal. It was not good or pretty or nice. It was not some utopia where every pregnancy ended in joy, rainbows and wonderfulness. Where those magical pregnancies of old produced magical kids that grew up to be super-brainy star athletes who didn’t talk back to their teachers even once.

We don’t see the flotsam and jetsam of women dying at home in the bathrooms from perforated organs. Or see the abuse, neglect and sheer poverty of those forced to stay under the bootheel of those in charge. Who themselves get abortions for themselves or those in their lives with hypocritical numbness.

We’ve all heard that tale of the senator who’s pro-forced birth but had his mistress get an abortion. All while having a wife and kids, to boot. It’s old hat in America. It’s just how it is. And we just shrug, hope somebody fixes all this but it can’t be us because doing anything about this might lose us that job that almost pays for stuff we need to live like food.

I saw a post where Iceland had a general strike by the women to change the laws there about women. It worked. American comments to that were along the lines of– oh that’s nice but I have work, I can’t do anything but post how mad I am about all this, sorry!

The far right never gets tired, never rests, never gave up they’d win. The left sorta shrugged, whimpered, made frowny faces and then acted surprised when the far right got their way. Fuckety fuck. And I realize, I, too, am waiting for a savior to rise from these streets…to quote from the Springsteen song. [Thunder Road]

And no, this isn’t a both parties in America are to blame for this. Nope. This one’s squarely on the right. There are those on the left who sounded the alarm bells since the 70’s about this one and all of the rights going away if we didn’t guard them and enshrine them in a way to make them near impossible to roll back. Those folks were called hysterical and told to smile more, of course. Still being told that if their voices rise above a whisper at protesting what the Supreme Court has already, in essence, done.

For fuck’s sake, the reality of what’s coming, what’s already here should be a goddamn wake up call.

I am scattershot here, not organized at all in my thoughts, feelings and shrieks against the lightless dark about to descend on my country. I have even heard that America will fall in about two years and that Canada already readies itself for American refugees.

There’s frost on the ground this morning here in Eastern Oregon.

I also had a thought about blue versus red states. It’s already touted that if the GOP seize power in Congress at the midterms, that they will make sure pro-forced birth is the law of the land at the federal level. So, being in a blue state won’t save you, my darling dumbheads. Abortion will be outlawed, along with birth control and free travel for women because she just might be sneaking somewhere to claim some measure of control over her own life and hey, don’t want that.

That’s already a law in some states, by the way. Bans of traveling out of that state for an abortion. Same as traveling to seek gender-affirming care in some states.

I had to deal with a kid from Romania way back when, that came out of the no abortions ever horrorshow that used to be Romania under a dictator.

“In 1966, Romania’s communist leader, Nicolae Ceausescu, banned abortion and contraception in an attempt to raise the nation’s low birthrate. During his rule through 1989, an estimated¬†10,000 women died from unsafe abortions¬†and hundreds of thousands of children were put in overcrowded orphanages where they often suffered abuse and low nutrition.” https://www.npr.org/2021/09/01/1021714899/abortion-rights-romania-europe-women-health?msclkid=59d4d676d07511ec9ca78c1506f70bc8

I was working Special Ed in a Maryland school. This child had been tortured, abused, neglected and needed extensive medical and psychological help. She was about seven when I knew her. Non-verbal except for screaming. She also bit and hit staff and other students. Her stomach needed several operations and…yeah. I’ve seen up close the effects of a total abortion ban on a country. She and her siblings had been kept in an orphanage. Her adoptive parents were clearly well in over their heads trying to deal with her and her brothers and sisters.

I just feel broken right now. I’m a bit too old to get pregnant but I might need medical…Oh. Can’t afford to even go to a doctor about anything, either. Guess I should pretend all is well and it’s not my problem.

That’s what America is really good at. And the acting surprised when something really bad happens that was so obviously going to happen we had to pretend extra super hard it wouldn’t happen. Saviors are not coming to rescue us. Guess we won’t save ourselves.

Or maybe we will? Maybe we’ll find the gumption to scrape our jaws off the floor and fix this fucking mess of messes?

Frost here. And snow storms the last couple days.

Saviors? Hello? Saviors?

I don’t know who the artist is but it’s accurate.