Ann is a native Oregonian who’s traveled to China, Europe and Honduras. Oregon Gothic, a collection of her short stories published by Kensington Gore, came out in 2015.  City Theatre, Miami,  awarded her play, the Mating Season of Flying Monkeys, for Short Playwriting Finalist, 2015.  The Mating Season of Flying Monkeys can also be found in 2017’s Winter edition of the Santa Ana River Review. Her short plays, The Next Mrs. Jacob Anderson and The Care and Feeding of Baby Birds, are included in the volumes, Ten Ten-Minute Plays, Volumes II and III. My play, Traces of Memory, has been made into several short films by now. Ann also hold a BA in Theatre, from Eastern Oregon University and an MFA from UNLV in Playwriting. Her Twitter handle is A.R.W. @malheurwoman

Artistic statement: I write about whatever catches my fancy. I write because I have this weird compulsion to do so, though I truly wish I had an odd compulsion to play the ponies or build planes. As a playwright, I tend to create roles I wish had been about when I auditioned for plays. And got cast as grandma or chorus due to not looking the right way. And yeah yeah, to change the world, yeah yeah. Sure. I’ve been writing novels, most of which have been rejected by my publisher, which is just fun. I should write something poetic and flower-ish and utterly generic here, but I won’t. I write, that’s just what I do. I write. I can’t defend it or explain it. I write. It’s my addiction, how cutesy! but that’s the closest I can get to ‘artistic’. My heroin is words.

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  1. Dear, Ann Wuehler, I came across your short piece titled “traces of memory”. I wanted to thank you for writing it, and also tell you that I loved it so much that I will be performing it in two weeks.

    Best wishes to you,

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  2. Ms. Wuehler, I’ve tried to reach you via the email attached to your short play “The Mating Season of Flying Monkeys”, but am not sure if that’s the best way to contact you. My local community theater has been producing performances on their YouTube channel as the pandemic has progressed. It gives local artists the chance to create in a safe way. Recently a call was put out for more content and I was hoping that I and a friend might do a reading of your piece for this YouTube channel. Could you let me know what you require for us to be able to do a reading of your work?
    Thank you for your help.
    Nancy Boyett


    1. Hmmm, I sent my email twice before I found this site to contact you. I’ll try to send again right now. Thanks for checking in about it.


      1. Re-sent the email this morning. Maybe being sent to a spam folder? I’ve triple checked your eddress and it matches the one I’m using.


  3. Hello, Ms. Wuehler,

    I have been trying to contact you at AWuehler@hotmail.com and have not gotten a response either. Maybe stuff is going to your Spam. Anyway, my group is very much hoping to do a virtual production of FREE RANGE CHICKEN and I was hoping to talk to you about securing the rights.


  4. Hello, Ms Wuehler,

    I am writing from Bangladesh. Need your permission to publish a translation of your play “TRACES OF MEMORY”. I am a drama teacher in a school in Dhaka named Scholastica. Recently I have been translating a few American writer’s plays for the Bengali speaking theatre students in our country. Hope your text might help them to understand American theatre. If you could send me a photograph of yours I can add that to my book.

    Hope you would help us by giving permission to print the translation.


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  5. Hey Ann!

    I’m a senior in college currently on track to get my BFA in Acting. As a part of one of my classes, the final assignment is to direct and present a 10 minute play. Your play “The Man Who Went Insane From Money” caught my attention and, with your permission, I would be thrilled to direct this scene for my class!

    There would be a performance for a small audience but no tickets would be sold and full credit would be given in the program.

    Please let me know if this sounds acceptable and if you have any insights to offer on the themes of the play or tips on directing the scene I would extremely appreciate it a lot and very much!

    Thank you so much and have a great week!


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