Dog and virus

I do have the plague. Official test came back positive. Damn. Everything tastes weird or off. Dry cough. Trying to sleep, not get dehydrated.

Good news. Ready? The dog returned. Brigit, who’s been missing for days, showed up at three in the morn last night. I know!!!! Squeeeeee!!!! She’s mud-splattered and exhausted. And we’re all stopping to tell her we’re glad she’s back. Ah!

Going to try and be productive, somehow, today. Get some writing done, maybe. Get something sent off. I have not been sick for years and this crap is kicking me up and down and all around.

That pic above was taken by the Owyhee River. All three dogs, Brigit, Molly and Jake.


I am sick. Have been sick for a week. Waiting for my test to tell me a thing or two. Missing work. Well, not missing it. Ha ha.

Sadly, our Brigit has gone missing. It’s been two days since she pranced off for…somewhere. Usually she zooms about the neighborhood, before returning home. Not this time. We didn’t find her body but we do live in the country, it’s in the twenties and I hope someone grabbed her up, took her home. I’d rather know what happened to her than this waiting.

As for writing anything, no. Just a few little snippets. My head is a fuzzy wad of crud.

All my houseplants have died. I think the house is just too cold for them. It’s just a death and missing paloosa around here.

Okay. Have a great, fantastic week. Better than me hacking my lungs up. Hug your pets.


Wow. There’s a ‘how much worse can it get??’ vibe going into the new year. Betty White just died. It seems the last vestiges of laughter and goodness ebb away from the American shores. The fight has gone out of the dog, oh dear.

Let’s hope not.

Anyway, the weather where I am, Eastern Oregon, has turned FRIDGIDLY AWFUL. No water. Pipes frozen. Even the outside faucet seems iced up. More snow expected next week when it warms up a bit. Winter weather! And I have work tonight, of course. At one in the morn. Gonna be a fun drive.

Don’t really have much cheer or gloom to spread. Just kind of a blah, whatever sort of mood. Tired. I’m already tired of this new year. Is that normal?

But the cat is doing splendidly. She likes to nap by my computer, so I know she’s in at night. She also likes to nap directly on me. Cats!

Making no resolutions. None.

Oh, found the Great Canadian Baking Show, which is like its namesake, right down to the three challenges. Wheeeee!!! My tolerance for drama, nasty people always winning in movies and shows, and so forth is at an all-time low.

I did watch Ron’s Gone Wrong. Loved it! It’s wonderful. It’s not just a kid’s movie or a movie about a wacky robot. It’s about what real friendship is and oh gosh, you might be in tears at the end.

I skipped the holidays. I stayed home, alone. Of course the 25th I had work that night so traveling all that day, enduring relatives, traveling some more…just not a good option for nightshift people.

That’s it. Just a quick note. New year. New writing. Old writing spiffed up. Same ole same ole? I’d like 2022 not to be a terrible gut-twisting fuckfestival. There. That was hopeful!