Jimmy’s Jar Collection, cont.

Good morning. How ya doin’? It’s spring and the garden doth call. Doth it call for thee as well? Okay, before I descend into faux Shakespeare-King James Bible meanderings– I have a short story out in the Ghastling, number 13.

Jimmy’s Jar collection is a tale of two cousins in an Idaho graveyard trying to catch ghosts in canning jars.

Check it out! Also, go check out past issues of the Ghastling. If you like short stories that deal with the macabre and strange and spooky, or even if you don’t, you might find some writing you really enjoy. Cheers!

Jimmy’s Jar Collection


My short story, Jimmy’s Jar Collection, will be included in the latest Ghastling. Check it out.

It’s set in a tiny Idaho town, in a pioneer graveyard. About a teen boy who catches the local ghosts in canning jars. And how maybe the local ghosts are not so down with that.