Hot and Muggy

from a couple years ago

I should be writing. Something.

I’m covered with sweat, want a glass of ice water instead of my usual coffee fix. It’s muggy. We don’t do muggy here in Eastern Oregon. Where is the manager??!

My book is out. The Adventures of Grumpy Odin and Sexy Jesus. I somehow landed a job interview. And my yard toads seem to be doing okay. I also got the leak in the dog pond fixed, so my scheme to sink it in the ground has worked.

My country. Ugh.


My brain is toast. It’s too hot at night to sleep. My cat goes in and out of my window all night.

Fall will be here soon. And winter. Pumpkins. The time of pumpkins will be upon us. Halloween. Frost and cold and stormy nights and snow. Hopefully it will snow here this winter.

It’s hot and muggy. Maybe a thunderstorm? To go with the over a hundred weather? Bang! Boom!

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