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It’s my birthing day. My mother nearly died, I was supersick as well. My mother had to also feed me on goat’s milk when I couldn’t digest anything. The doctor told her there was nothing to be done as I was starving to death but she persisted. Found I could handle goat’s milk. Of course she also liked to tell EVERYONE that I pooped a lot when I was a baby. It was one of her go-to stories. Yeah.

It was green, runny, and filled my crib. A sort of horror story involving my baby pooping abilities. Thanks, mom!

I do have a new book out. The Adventures of Grumpy Odin and Sexy Jesus, which got so few reactions I wonder if I should bother at all anymore.

And I won’t bore anyone with that shit. Don’t worry. No words on the gutpunch of being an invisible writer.

Every time I glance at my blog, the little message at the top says this site has coupons. Like it’s Amazon or the candle site I drool over. I love candles. And they’re amazing. Carpathian Mountains, Lost At Sea, Norway, Halloween ones. Goose Creek Candles, if you’re curious. They run sales all the time.

Applying for jobs that do not involve wiping other people’s bottoms. So far, a big fat zilch. Can’t even get an interview. Nope. That’s something to sigh over tomorrow.

Painting rocks again. Not really writing that much. Drifting along, waiting for the meteor. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

Okay, will end this with a brief takedown of Stranger Things. Now. I watched all the episodes. I guess the new ones will drop in July.

So. Mm. It seems the same storyline got repeated for three seasons. El or Jane must rally and fight the Monster/Upside Down world and close the gate/s. The other kids, um, figure out stuff and act like actual kids. Refreshing.

There’s a lot of 80’s references. A lot. From Ghostbusters to aerobics to the music being played. There’s Metalheads. There’s Cyndi Lauper. And Kate Bush wasn’t that popular, but we get her song over and over and over. Air Supply!

They even cast Winona Ryder as the mom of the kid who gets sucked into the parallel world in season one. Matthew Modine was also pretty common in 80’s fair, so he’s a doctor who might be evil or not. We get 80’s fashion, from the big hair to the overly bright patterned clothes.

I really liked how Dungeons and Dragons got blamed for the happenings of season four. The Satanic Panic! That was real, it happened a lot like that and real people were sent to jail over allegedly being in league with Satan. That Satanic Panic shit is still hot and heavy in America to this day. After all, liberals align with the devil, do they not, Fox Newz? And Alex Jones? And a lot of far right preachers? And…?

Also, the murders in season four were…jaw-droppingly horrific. Warning label indeed needed. Jesus H. Christ, there really was no way to warn against how ghastly they were. I know it’s fake, it’s not real but damn. I actually gasped, made sounds, had to look away. I happened to watch season four right after the Uvalde shooting. So…yeah.

I love love love the sheriff, played by David Harbour. Who would have been a kid in the 80’s. He really is the backbone of this show. His current storyline is just…eh. Really? [I won’t spoil it if you have not yet gotten to season four or through the end of season three.]

Oh my goodness, and the whole Soviet inclusion. You forget how twitchy we were as a country over anything Soviet or USSR. That constant dread that any minute a nuclear bomb was gonna drop on your town or nearby. The movie the Day After captures this very real fear. That someone would make a mistake and a nuclear exchange would take place. That the Russians in Stranger Things could be right out of an action movie staring Sly Stallone, Arnie Swarzenegger, Kurt Russell or hell, right out of the original Red Dawn…I found a bit off-putting. They wouldn’t know to hide themselves completely, like in the series, the Americans? The USSR wouldn’t send English-speaking sorts able to pass to do their fell deeds at the Hawkins mall? Not bitchin’, dudes.

Off to water the lawn, maybe watch some silly movies and enjoy my birthday cheesecake. I got myself a small cheesecake. And hope the following year isn’t the shitshow it promises to be in America and the rest of the world. Father of the Bride on HBO looks silly, dumb, fun and frothy.

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