I am sick. Have been sick for a week. Waiting for my test to tell me a thing or two. Missing work. Well, not missing it. Ha ha.

Sadly, our Brigit has gone missing. It’s been two days since she pranced off for…somewhere. Usually she zooms about the neighborhood, before returning home. Not this time. We didn’t find her body but we do live in the country, it’s in the twenties and I hope someone grabbed her up, took her home. I’d rather know what happened to her than this waiting.

As for writing anything, no. Just a few little snippets. My head is a fuzzy wad of crud.

All my houseplants have died. I think the house is just too cold for them. It’s just a death and missing paloosa around here.

Okay. Have a great, fantastic week. Better than me hacking my lungs up. Hug your pets.

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