Rain storms. Oh. How I have missed storms. They don’t seem to form here anymore. I hope the fall and winter are storm-choked. Please!? Whoever is in charge of Eastern Oregon storms, can you please send more than one or two a year? That’s what it seems like. I know we get more storms than that.

I maybe have a new gig. Tutoring. We’ll see how it goes. I’m very confused and unsure how to work their system so…should be fun.

My garden is producing lots of peppers and mini pumpkins. I’ve been baking them, then scraping out the insides for future pies and quick breads.

I am writing. Gardening a bit. Waiting for America to just tumble off that cliff already…yeah, okay. Been watching horror movies. Just did the Evil Dead. The Sam Raimi ones. Just having a jones for horror movies.

Here is my short story, Gladys. It’s body horror, very short read. A woman wishes to be rid of her parasite-like muse.

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