So Many Cucumbers

In smaller days. The one cuke plant before it truly got monstrous.

My two cucumber plants have produced a wealth of cukes. Blessed! The one plant is trying to take over the yard. My zuke plant grew upward instead of out. And have been drying my own herbs, such as rosemary, sage, thyme, basil and lemon balm. I also dried my few jalapenos.

I have been having a bit of success lately. Three short stories placed! Three! City Full of Rain will be in LitMag. Blood and Bread will appear this October in Hellhound Magazine and now Gladys will be in Agony Opera. I have been shucking out submissions like mad lately. There’s also been the plethora of rejections to balance that out.

Decided to watch White Lotus. Hated it. Absolutely hated it. What a waste of talent. Jennifer Coolidge seemed perpetually confused as to what she was supposed to be doing but she gamely kept on anyway. Rich white assholes getting away with everything while abusing the staff…fuck me running, no thanks. I didn’t find it funny or insightful. The pig-faced trust fund boy bullying the manager until he got him fired…Jesus H. Christ on a cracker. It was set in Hawaii, so getting some scenes of sea turtles and that gorgeous ocean made up for almost nothing of this shit-tastic blunder. This was supposed to be satire…yet it felt like I was being continuously punched in the kisser for the five hours I made myself watch this. I skipped episode five, full disclosure. I learned nothing but that rich people get away with near everything…well, duh. And at least do something more than stereotypes…ugh.

As the weather is a touch cooler, I might work outside today. Or I might watch Suicide Squad for the umpteenth time because watching the same show over and over is soothing and comforting. I discovered other folks do this as well. Read the same books over and over, watch the same shows over and over…as it provides comfort, safety and structure when one has depression. The repetition helps.

Yeah, the news lately. It’s toxic. Afghanistan, for one. There was no winning here. None. Lots of blame to go around, sure, but how to help those who live there, get those who wish to get out get out and…so forth and so on. Blame later, help now would be my unasked for advice. The Pro-Plague league that has set up camp in America. The won’t wear a mask cause freedumb squirrelheads. Poor people might be getting too many pennies in their unemployment scraps, take that away, stat! Women, you don’t own your own bodies, we do, says the state of Texass and other red-minded states. And on and on. Until you’re choking on rage fumes and sorrow clouds, drowning in your own empathy and helplessness. So, you start season one of Gilmore Girls for the umpteenth time and marvel at how blind Lorelei is to Luke’s panting over her. hello!

I’m trying to do a post every week. Trying to keep it light and not a dark bloodied scream against everything right now. I have three short stories that will be read this late summer and early fall. Halloween is nearby! Bats and skeletons and stormy nights full of ghosts and goblins and things that sometimes loudly go bump in the night. And then, hopefully, big snowstorms this year and into the next…2022. And it all begins over again, and it might be even worse! That might call for a Buffy viewing. Teenage girl slays vampires while studying for her history exam is probably the ticket and balm I will need.

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