Bells Will Be Ringing

Saturday, Nov. 7 tidings of great joy

Hey there, fellow babies.

Sunday. Snow maybe arriving. Jaws asleep on the bed.

Biden won. He will be the 46th prezzie of the Divided States of Freedomland. Celebrations broke out when this was FINALLY ANNOUNCED OH MY GAWD. Dancing. Singing. Weeping. Drinking of the booze and toking of the weed.

Not only here in America but all over the planet.

Paris, London, Germany, Canada, India and…

Bells will be ringing, have rung, rung out. All over the world, bells rang out when they heard the news. As if a world war had ended. It was that kind of sensation. That the good guys fought that good fight and held the line through the long long night.


A woman. A woman of color who’s married to a Jewish man. All the scary boxes ever get ticked here! Wheeeee. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet that a woman will be VP. In America.

It’s almost as if light and heat have entered the world again. Fanciful a bit, sure. Some actual political darkness has been pushed back a bit. It’s not gone. It’s not yet vanquished. It’s yet here pulsing with rage, waiting for a chance to strike, to regain what it’s lost. Ever vigilant we must be against Trumpian sludge that clings yet to our tiles.

I don’t know, something like that. I’ve been in a good mood. It’s throwing everything off.

I expected the worst. I expected trump to win outright, on Tuesday, what with all the voter suppression, gerrymandering, laws passed about when to count ballots, the postal service being fucked with…I expected the worst. That much cheating and trying to stop people voting. I expected the worst.

And then the drawn out counting for days, oh goddamn it.

It was the election that would not end. It’s still ongoing but at least we have a winner winner, chicken dinner now. trump and what’s left of his team are throwing massive fits but seemingly to little or no effect except among the trumpers still left.

Alex Trebek died today. 2020 let us have one good day. Just the one.

I admit I cried when they finally announced Biden on Saturday as the projected winner after Pennsylvania turned blue. To those outside the States, yeah…our presidential elections hinge on collecting the number of electoral votes from each state, which have to add up to 270. It’s not the popular vote, which Biden got, but the electoral college votes that count and…You can go look all this up, it’s exhausting. And outdated and weird and racist.

I cried. I just burst into ugly sobbing, my hand clamped to my mouth though there was no one in the house. I live in a deep red area. My family are trump supporters. I want to gloat and scream, instead I hide and have to be careful. There are armed people with guns here protesting that Biden won. It’s ugly.


Just a quick note from this grinning fool on an American election that got it right, somewhat. We’re still fighting over the Senate and…ugh. Runoff in Georgia!

Georgia went blue. Holy cow, y’all.

Time for another shot of whiskey.

trump won’t admit defeat and

Whiskey time!

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