Sleepy Hollow and Aftermath

My book!

Hello. A quick post!

I am listening to John on the Townsends channel read the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. One of my fave Halloween tales ever. Washington Irving. I can almost smell the nutmeg and cinnamon, and though there’s no wind tonight…a shiver as old leaves hit the window, as the jack-o-lantern seems imbued with a sly laughing goblin hiding just inside. And the rat-a-tat of a giant horse’s hooves, the slicing of a sharp demonic blade as it leaves the scabbard of a rider who has no head.

No head!

I do like to return to the source material for some of the most iconic scary stories out there. Inspiration lurks among the dust of old fears, after all.

I might post a brief Halloween tale. Write something or just pick something from my growing body of work. Bwhahahahaha…

I shall have to carve my last pumpkin.

No head!

Chris Beatrice, artist

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