Halloween Baking, y’all!

Hey and hello. First off, the cover for my book looks great, no matter what cover gets chosen. I liked all the options. Ooooh!!

Aftermath: Boise, Idaho

Okay, business over, now for the fluff post.

Halloween Baking contest. Yes, it’s the start of a new set of bakers for the Food Network’s seasonal baking bake-offs. And..eh. They made changes. I…geez. Don’t change stuff that wasn’t broken. Don’t.

There used to be two challenges, now there’s just the one.

One of the judges is also the host. Mm?

But the challenges will all stem from being in a haunted house. Go room to room. That sounds interesting. We’ll see.

Am I gonna watch the hell out of this every Monday night??? You bet your zombie butts I am.

Because it’s bakers making Hallowen-themed treats and who loves Halloween?? I do!

The first challenge was to design a haunted house cake that showcases whatever greatest fear the baker has. Make a house-shaped cake, throw some spiders on it or whatever, right? Do something that keeps you in for next week, yes? That would be my single and only goal. Make a good-tasting, moist cake [moooooiiiisssssttt] and decorate it Halloween-ish.

Save your experimental uses of soy sauce and lemon curd for later on, kiddos. [I don’t think that’s an actual thing. I hope.]

Like, hey, don’t throw a bunch of raw pomegranate seeds into your iffy cake, for instance. Or hey, use the surprise unwanted ingredient somewhere in your cake, not drizzled on the plate it sits on. Have you not watched this show at all???

Also, just me here, but make a cake that’s house-shaped if the challenge is to make a house-shaped cake.

There was also another thing thrown at last night’s nervous bakers. Make working doors or a working door for your creation. Um? Damn! That was just mean, in my opinion. They had to use balsamic vinegar somewhere and make a working door for their cakes.

The cake that did win the day was…okay. A snake poking out of a door and it ticked all the challenge boxes. Eh.

 I liked the bee cake. It was gorgeous and spooky. She designed a bee hive haunted house, her fear being bees. And it looked tasty. I also liked the haunted garden shed one.

So yeah, my third book is due out soon. It’s about zombies but it’s not really about zombies. One of those.

Still doing temp work but the fires here in Oregon have halted traveling about. Air quality even where I am, on the Oregon-Idaho border, is dangerously bad. Smoke is supposed to clear out by Thursday or Friday.

And yeah… the fires. It’s bad. It’s not liberal mismanagement or whatever the popular theory is among those who invent such theories. It’s climate change. Oregon isn’t getting the snow and rain we used to. We’ve been in a drought for decades. As has California and Idaho and Washington State and…The West is burning. And until magical unicorns show up and rescue all of us, hey.


I need a cocktail. And some haunted house cake. I wonder what I’d have made from scratch. Can I use a cake mix? It’s why I wouldn’t get invited on a baking show full of actual chefs and pastry wizards.

PS– having major problems with whatever formatting this is. Just gonna fling this out there.

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