article-2089686-11629B9F000005DC-870_634x1001 john audobon birds of america.jpg
from John Audobon’s Birds of America. 

Hi and hello. 

A short post in where I post an odd poem I wrote for a monthly poetry contest. You get an image, and then have to compose something based on that image. I try to do it every month. The following attempt. We got a picture of a bird skeleton that had been spray painted or in some way splashed with colors. I pictured this same bird skeleton posed at some art gallery with people cooing about how deep life was while nibbling snacks. As they talked of how ‘woke’ they were. 


Dead Birds

I can only think of the spray paint
used to paint your bones.
How perhaps I will be arranged and posed
when I am dead
and smeared with Flower Power decals
for some grad student’s take
on the Sexy Sixties.
Protest rock will play
in the background
and my bony fingers will flash
peace on earth, good will to men
as she earnestly talks about
how she’s not a feminist
because that’s not needed now
and she’s not a victim.



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