Talent Show

Present day Rex Theatre, Vale, Oregon. From Flickr

The local paper had a blurb about, yes, a talent show. Hey, I have some of that. 

It’s to be held at the Rex Theatre, the 105 year old building that used to show actual movies back in my childhood. I saw my very first flick there, with my grandmother. Charlotte’s Web, the cartoon with Debbie Reynolds voicing Charlotte. Now. I was about five or so. My grandmother bought me some candy, which was in a paper sack. Loud was not even the word for how I rattled that thing taking out this treat or that one. And I amused the entire audience who were now watching me instead of the movie at that point by asking–“What’s on the other channel, grandma?”

I’ve been a virtual hermit lately. Years now. Have not been going out or being around people. 

The blurb said you could show up, register. Do a dress rehearsal, then perform for cash and prizes the next night. Four age brackets. So you don’t have to go up against five year olds in tutus. Cause. You’re gonna lose. Let’s be honest. 

I found this out a day before. The oddest HEY GO DO THAT YOU CAN SING notion wiggled in my guts, wormed up to my brain, grew worm babies that slithered outward into that HEY PICK A SONG YOU CAN DO A CAPELLA.

Pick a song. Hey, you! Pick a song!

How am I to resist worm babies adorably chanting PICK A SONG? Yeah, no, you can’t. 

At first, I went with May I Suggest, by way of Red Molly. As it’s sung a capella. Or without accompanying music, for those who might not know that term. When it’s just the voice. The lyrics, however, refused to stick in my noggin. If I had a few more days instead of, hey, need to perform this tonight and then really perform the crap out of it the next day…I’d have stuck with it. I was ‘getting there’ but it was shaky, shaky, oh so shaky. 

I finally settled on an old chestnut– Hallelujah. I went and watched/listened to the  k. d. lang version, which she KILLS. In a good way. Oh such a good way. There are eight million and sixteen verses to that song, by the way. I picked three verses and the famous chorus. I actually managed to get the lyrics down. 

So I thought. Damn it. 

I had one flub in my rehearsal. But other than that, it went okay. I was pleased. I didn’t embarrass the ever-living crap out of myself in my own hometown. 

Tiny town, stuff like that sticks around longer than forever. 

I forgot a single line, but I won’t tonight. I have all day to cement the words into my misty water-colored memory. Ha ha ha. 

I won’t go into fellow performers. They all got up on that teeny stage and got through their selections. And it is fun, it’s supposed to be fun. 

I have not performed in front of others for a long, long time. Let alone sang in public. My voice, rusty as all get out, didn’t croak out in the middle or let me down. I had been singing all day so I was warmed up, there’s that to consider before I put down Voice Did Not Betray Me in the list of positives. I also didn’t eat or drink anything but water. Yes, I have actual protocols and such when I perform. 

So, we’ll see how this goes tonight. I will learn that last set of lyrics if it kills me. And I also have to remember to just sing it…don’t show off, don’t do anything but just sing it. Let it flow forth, be gorgeous, be subdued, be honest and raw…just let it flow forth. Don’t add to what I already did. Except remembering all the words. 

I got out of the house. I did something positive, for me. It’s artsy and fun and scary. Getting up in front of a big audience [and this event usually does draw a standing room only crowd] is always a crapshoot. Live theatre! You never know. Be prepared. 

Anyway! Back to reality now. Hot weather, bad hair and just what is that stuck to the floor. Dang dogs. 

3 thoughts on “Talent Show

    1. Thanks. I have no problem getting up on a stage. I have problems with the rest of life. But I was worried as I haven’t performed for years. I did have that worry. Where the voice croaks or you forget the lyrics and…yeah. But that didn’t happen and it went okay. I’ll do a follow up to Talen Show today or tomorrow.


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