Death rattles of the ancient machine

I don’t know who painted this. I just like it. 

The computer decided it’s had it. It turns itself on and off at random now. I’ve been moving files over to a thumb drive. So when it does go into that great computer graveyard in the sky, I won’t be screaming about years of writing gone gone gone. 

I’m also finding old stuff I had stashed away. 

Bits of a story. The start of a play. A cluster of words about hoping 45 has a massive stroke-heart attack in public, which causes public shitting even as he dies in agony live on Fox News. Yeah. Okay!

Another tip for writing. Back. Up. Your. Files. 

Well, should go read over a short story I blurged forth yesterday, called One Hour Services. It did not go where I thought it would…Do they ever, though? Isn’t that such an odd joy? 

So today’s writing tip/s? Back up your files. I update and rewrite and edit a lot, so I get behind that way. I get LAZY. I admit it here. 

Have a lovely week. Thanks for stopping by. I have two books for sale!! Oregon Gothic and House on Clark Boulevard. If you can, I’d appreciate a review. In the future, I should have Aftermath available, as well as the Remarkable Women of Brokenheart Lane. Cannibal bikers, starving old ladies, the nice church ladies of the New World Order! 


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