The Gilmore Review



So, yes, I am a Gilmore Girls fan.

This is my go-to show. When I just need soothing. I put on Gilmore Girls and the overloaded patter, the swift thrown away cultural references, the quirky characters, the small town setting–it seems about ten people live in Stars Hollow– makes everything go away for a bit.

Sure, Stars Hollow seems a little too-small townish. As someone who was brought up in actual tiny towns, it doesn’t quite ring true. But I was brought up in the West, where no one is friendly or likes each other, so. Oh and the utter privilege at play here…gulp.

I heard that the creators of GG [Amy and Dan Sherman-Palladino] had gone and done some further episodes past the bittersweet ending of Season Seven.

Ten years later. We have Rory floundering, Lorelei and Luke together but not married or with kids, and the Gilmore patriarch, Richard, has died. Rory is also having an affair with her one-time boyfriend, Logan Hamburgler, and cheating on her current boyfriend, Paul Throwaway Character, with Logan.

Logan, by the way, has a fiancée, named Odette Slight Roadblock, that we never see. The ‘running gag’ is that Rory keeps forgetting to break up with Paul. Um?

the verge.jpeg
from the Verge. Kelly Bishop, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as Emily, Lorelei and Rory. 

Rory’s also, somehow, flying often between London and New England…despite being a severely underemployed journalist doing spec pieces and an article here and there. She wrote ‘something’ for the New Yorker. Rory also has more or less agreed to co-write a book with some boozy British feminist…? Who’s written her own books. This falls through. Also, some web site is stalking her cause Rory is JUST THAT GOOD OR SOMETHING. There’s no Sookie at the Dragonfly and suddenly, Michel is openly gay?

from Punkee. The cast from A Year in the Life. 

But. But!! This Year in the Life rings true enough.

That soft-focus, real life doesn’t really get real here Stars Hollow fantasy bubble…seems a bit more grounded in this outing.

Rory doesn’t magically get everything she wants. Lorelei finds herself unfulfilled and at a loss. Emily must deal with an abrupt, awful change to her life, her status and her way of looking at things. The riff between her and Lorelei over Lorelei not being able to come up with something good about her father during the wake/party broke my heart. And when Lorelei made up for that…damn. You’re crying, I’m not crying!

Lauren Graham as Lorelei in the Fall episode.

Oh and the side characters. Taylor still runs Stars Hollow. His melt down in Luke’s Diner and Luke signing the sewer petition…that was so something the writers set Luke up as being– gruff yet kindly and big-hearted. This is the Luke we recognize.

Lane and Zack…ugh. I never got Lane falling in love with such an obviously stupid, shallow caricature. [He seemed to play the same character, named Terry, over on True Blood, but he was funny and had a pet armadillo. So.]

I was hoping they’d bring back Dave [yes, I can rattle off minutia galore from GG, just ask me] from the original GG’s run or even bring in somebody who was a polar opposite of a music buff or a musician…as that would present a far more interesting and far less depressing outcome for Lane.  

Lane’s now helping her mother run the antiques business, and…ugh. [Ah, this seems a little too real for Stars Hollow. A little too real life. ]

Paris Geller, divorced, with two kids she says she doesn’t even like, and a sharp, harsh, horrible sort of woman…yeah, she was set up to become that stereotype but still. That weird bit with her house. I just. Ugh.

Oh and I liked Jess this time around. He has truly come on a journey from bristling unhappy kid to learned a bit and still learning adult. It’s actually nice to witness a bit of that. It might be due to the acting chops of Milo Ventimiglia and the chemistry between him and Scott Patterson, who plays Luke but I also think it’s the writing and character development as well. Logan just seems the same playboy playing the field, in a way, though…he might be waiting for Rory, blah blah blah.

I so don’t want a revisit of the Rory/Logan Barbie and Ken years. Fuck. There’s also a weird, surreal set of scenes with the rich kids Rory hung out with AT YALE, who are now richer kids ten years older.

Logan, Colin, Finn, that ghastly Life and Death Brigade nonsense revisited. An evening out that must have literally cost MILLIONS to pull off. They go about buying entire clubs and bed and breakfasts, and generally acting insufferably awful…which does not translate as charming in this time of the rich running openly roughshod over everyone else here in America and the world in general. They even managed to make me bare my teeth at a Beatles song. 

We also get a peek at Dean, who’s now in New Jersey with a lot of kids. And on Supernatural, of course, fighting monsters with Dean…hee hee hee. Sam and Dean on Supernatural should do a crossover with Gilmore Girls. Who’s on that??!! It could be animated. And Scoobie Doo could show up.

Oh…and in the summer episode…where Lorelei and Rory are FAT-SHAMING people. I just. Ugh. And there’s not enough people to hold a Gay Pride Parade. Geez. [I remember no one was openly gay in Stars Hollow back in the grungy Nineties when it first came on.]

I actually thought the Stars Hollow musical side trip quite funny and that song about not being unbreakable that Lorelei reacted to at the end of that ep…chills. Because it was sung by Sutton Foster. You know, giant Broadway megastar or something. Yep.

Kirk and that pig. I liked the pig. I believed, utterly, that Kirk has a pet pig. I also liked that the dog was still alive, Paul Anka. I normally find Kirk insufferably awful. Too much Kirk and I want to switch over to documentaries on the Spanish flu just to cheer myself up.


GG sets up that yes, Logan Hamburgler will be a big part, allegedly, in any new GG eps. Because of that last line Rory confesses to her mama. Yeah. If you don’t know or don’t care what that is…eh. Why did you bother reading this if you were not a Gilmore Girls fan??

So, overall, I liked A Year in the Life. I had my moments of WTF, of course and my moments of sobbing into a pillow so no one heard me sobbing. I cheered when Emily had her moment with the DAR [Daughters of the American Revolution, an actual organization, btw] and loved it when Emily gave that guided tour in Nantucket on whaling. Ha ha ha!! I also have to wonder if Emily is more of a billionaire than millionaire, as buying property in Nantucket would be ASTRONOMICALLY SPENDY. And that she had funds left over to fund something for Lorelei…mmm.

I also, and yes, I am a girly girl at heart, enjoyed the wedding. That was gorgeously filmed and a long time coming.

That whole April thing. Luke had a surprise child show up in Season Six. I can’t even! There’s not enough coffee and Pop Tarts to combat that fuckery.  

It’s like it never happened. Yet it did. Oh yes, it did.

I wish Emily had been there at the wedding of– SPOILER– her only daughter. I wish that celebration had been more of a chance to pan over the watching audience, made up of Stars Hollow-ites and so forth and so on. But.

Oh!! The dig about teachers and teaching. Rory went back for her private high school’s event  [Chilton Prep] and the headmaster asked her to consider becoming a teacher…and Rory just thought that was akin to being asked to be a part-time pole dancer for the blind. I just. I!!!

What is with the contempt for teachers and teaching? Oh that grated my Velveeta. Big time.

I really do wish they hadn’t given that added OMG moment there at the end. That they had called it a day and let this light frothy confection of a show go off on a quite a high note.

But I am sure I will eventually watch whatever, if anything at all, comes next in the lives of the three Gilmore women. I’m rather a sucker that way. Even a bad Gilmore Girls episode is better than no Gilmore Girls episode. I know how that sounds but you are not me and reality remains a grim awful thing I am coming to realize I might not survive against much longer.

Give me a pastel sweet slice of Gilmore Girls cake and I can ignore pretty much everything for at least five minutes. Yay!

ggrichard oohlo.jpg
from Oohlo. The giant portrait of Richard Gilmore, played by Edward Hermann.


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