Delicious Smelly Cookies

molasses-cookies-yum-kevin lee jacobs
from Kevin Lee James

Update alert– there are roughly about twenty-two thousand words in my November novel challenge. Naked Farmers of the Apocalypse jets along like a jet! So. That’s good. That’s…yeah.

The Dollar Store, where everything is a dollar, hence the name, has molasses in stock right now. Molasses. My tastes are very frontier pioneer chic. Molasses ranks right up there with things that taste good to me. Another would be coffee. Yet another would be lime.

So today I’ll make cookies. Because is there anything better than a molasses cookie? Other than a giant mountain of money and a bathtub full of fuzzy ducklings? Exactly. Because baby ducks are cute, in case you were wondering about that second thing.

My head aches and my tooth insists on insisting it hurts. I blame millenials, of course. It’s de rigueur to blame them for all ills, so there ya go.

My genial goals for this day are to add some more words to my total, fill out some paperwork and bake delicious smelly cookies. Possibly look into a, yes, gingerbread recipe or two. Fall baking stenches are truly some of my favorite. Cinnamon and ginger, oh my! Allspice and cloves, oh yes! Nutmeg and…uh…um…crap, can’t think of another autumn-ish spice to complete my yammering list.

So, here’s to delicious smelly cookies!


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