Sept.2017flowers 042.jpg
Ive been fighting with Feautured Image…ugh a bug a fug a dug so here’s a random pic of the Gator.

Cuss words go here.

I floobed up my blog by being a total bonehead.  I was composting a snarkalicious post on coyotes and for some reason, WP would not let me paste pics. Like it does at times and this time, it was really being a butthead so I…ugh. It’s all on me. I am bad at anything computer-wise and have the internet savvy of a Night of the Living Dead zombie. No, really.

So, all my carefully or not so carefully selected pics are gone, gone, gone. Blurgh cuss words sonofa…yeah.

I will go back through and edit. Yeah. Okay. Red-faced and signing off.

Oh. Possibly heading off for Mountain Home this afternoon. I’m in a dither. My instincts say don’t go. I have about a quarter to my name. That’s .25 cents and Mountain Home is a hundred fifty miles away so that’s roughly a three hundred mile round trip this eve. Yet. It’s a good opportunity to mingle with other local writers and get my stuff known and…flooglewop a doo!

October 25– welladay, yours truly, hopefully, finished up editing past blog posts. I’ve been trying to do a few a day. The struggle is real, my loves. The struggle is real. And now that struggle has been laid in a coffin and covered with a layer of done. Does that make sense? Mm.




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