Picturefarm 013

Well, let’s all take a break and look at some dogs. These are a few of the dogs I’ve known and some of the dogs about me now as I write this on a bright spring-ish Saturday morn. I won’t admit to being anything less than maniacally positive, so here goes…

selfie99 023
Jake and Molly, wondering why I’m taking their picture.
Picturefarm 080
Trouble, the white and black dog. Fred, the ancient Chocolate Lab.
Picturefarm 115
Trouble playing with his squeaky baby
leftovers25 012
Jake wanting someone to throw a stick for him
leftovers25 029
Margot, who loved to dig for mice


Sept.2017flowers 050
Jake and Molly looking for mice and rabbits


oct.2017toads 015.jpg
Molly enjoying the sunshine
selfie99 015.jpg
Clyde having a stroll in the snow




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