Funny Dystopian YA fiction SHITWEASELS OF DESIRE

Yeah, I got a wonderful, terrible idea. More a sarcastic notion, really. Shitweasels of Desire, set in some vague dystopian future but it’s funny. Funny. And about kids. Well, kids old enough to have urges they have to suppress until the big wedding at the end, of course. Yay!

I think ‘shitweasels’ is a Stephen King word. Might have to invent a new word that means ‘shitweasels’ or borrow one…mmm

So far, I have Weasel and Wanda and Pimple Hollow. Oh and the Emperor of Cheese. Something about star-crossed lovers, they have to wait, wedding, fight the Big Cheese with pithy sayings instead of actual weapons, hail of bullets during wedding, knock knock jokes.

I shall post any actual words I drop toward this here, of course.

My inner demons handed me this hot steamy little pile of sarcasm and maybe an actual something or other. I posted something over on Whorebook and yeah, I get more likes for posting pictures of bread then anything else. I’m a touch bitter. A touch. So, my inner demons took some time off from telling me how horrible and awful I am and flung a tiny gift grudgingly in my general direction.

Okay!! This is why I don’t do blogs. Nobody reads them and it’s rather like masturbating without finishing.

winter2016t 013.jpg







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